How to Practice?

Practicing LearnEnglish18 is very easy; it is more like a playing a game rather than following a course.
It is always best if you have a partner to practice LearnEnglish18 as it could then be a very entertaining exercise while mastering Spoken English.

The program is more beneficial for teenagers and young adults, but you MUST practice continuously. It is always best to allocate a separate time for the practice every day.

There are 18 lessons in this course where the first is carefully selected to be very simple. If you feel confident, you can skip it. But all other lessons should be followed in the given order without skipping.

In order to start practicing, play the intended lesson on a computer or a smart phone. Then repeat each sentence as it is played. This could be somewhat difficult at the beginning and that is why you need to practice at least 30 times before moving to the next lesson. After practicing several times, you will memorize of the lesson and then you will pick the speech fluency and language patterns.

All vocabulary should be refereed in the given free dictionary at right hand side column and clearly understood.

As Morpheus says in an advance lesson "I didn't say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth."

Likewise "I wouldn't say it would be easy, Neo. But it WORKS to train your Spoken English and Accent!"

Once all available lessons are completed, you MUST practice your favorite lesson from Semester 2 at least twice a week in order to maintain the fluency and accent. If you do not live in an English speaking environment, your fluency and accent tend to erode with the time, and practicing lessons is the best way to maintain your command.

Note: We are still compiling lessons for Semester 2, your patience is much appreciated. Thank You.