Tuesday, December 11, 2018

දෛනික ඉංග්‍රීසි | Daily English | The Story Of The Last Man - P7

The Story Of The Last Man*
A thriller, where what you see is not what you get!

*This is from a movie script that was never produced due incomplete work. Maybe now we can complete it and use to learn English in the same time. 
Part 7

June is a beautiful young lady who just turned to 30 and she always serves her customer with a lovely smile. She was a good friend of John and they had known each other for over 3 years by now.

“Good morning John” June greeted with a smile as usual. “Hey, June, Morning” John greeted back while looking around.
Then June said “You don’t usually come for coffee before going to the office, what’s up to day?”

“Nothing,.. Hmm” He looked at June and said “Just wanted to see your lovely smile.”. They both laughed while June handed over his usual.

John turned around after paying with a rigid wave and a smile, but then in seconds he turned back again to June and asked “Hey, June, have you ever seen an old man called Morgan Patrick? Maybe a customer?” in a serious manner.


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