Saturday, December 1, 2018

දෛනික ඉංග්‍රීසි | Daily English | One Simple Dialog a Day | 1st of Dec, 2018

Let's learn one English Conversation per day and improve spoken English.

Read out LOUD the following English Dialog 10 times today. Not Tomorrow, but today, today itself.

B: "Hi again Gayani."

A: "Hey Saman, out for lunch?"

B: "Yes, this is the only time that I can free myself from work. Well, if I am lucky enough."
A: "If I am lucky enough? What do you mean?"

B: "You know, we are in Sales and 'we should never be too busy for a client'. So if one calls during the lunch, we stop and run."

A: "But you can always say that you are in lunch and postpone, can't you? Your boss will never know."

B: "Ha ha, its not the boss that matters my dear. I am a sales person. My mission is my target and I am always waiting for the calls from my prospects. If he calls, I always have a better chance of winning."

A: "What if you call? You can always call back."

B: "Think of it this way. Say I am in a cafe and there is a beautiful girl. I can always go and talk to her, but what if she comes and talks to me first? How will be my chance of success?" 

A: "Wow, I got it. You are a true sales person Saman. How did you learn these stuff."

B: "LDS guides us but most of it is by the experience."

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