Friday, November 30, 2018

දෛනික ඉංග්‍රීසි | Daily English | One Simple Dialog a Day | 30th of Nov, 2018

Let's learn one English Conversation per day and improve spoken English.

Read out LOUD the following English Dialog 10 times today. Not Tomorrow, but today, today itself.

B: "I'm good. How about you? What have doing these days?"
A: "I finished my training last couple of months back. Now looking for a job but no luck."
B: "Yes, I heard from a friend that the job market is not doing good lately."
A: "I had been to 6 job interviews so far, and I am slaking off. But hoping for the best."
B: "Do you have any experience with LDS?" 

A:"No what is it?"
B: "It is a business productivity improvement system that is used by some companies. In my company we are using it for sales and task management. It is a very effective tool and the training we get from using it helps a lot in becoming a great team player."
A: "Team work skills? Looks like that is what most interviewers want from us. I had to demonstrate it in all my interviews. But I am not sure if I did well."
B: "Exactly, we think we are good team players, but we have so many things to learn. If you are interested I can give you a basic LDS training in my place."
A: "You mean home? Do you have access to the system from home?" 

B: "Yes, its completely online. Call me if you like to see it."
A: "Of cause, I would love to learn those stuff before my next interview. Will call tonight for sure." 
B: "Sure, see you later then."
A: "Thanks man"

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