Thursday, November 29, 2018

දෛනික ඉංග්‍රීසි | Daily English | One Simple Dialog a Day | 29th of Nov, 2018

Let's learn one English Conversation per day and improve spoken English.

Read out LOUD the following English Dialog 10 times today. Not Tomorrow, but today, today itself.

A: "Hey, You are Saman, right?"
B: "Yes. Oh, we work in the same team, right? Sorry, I didn't recognize you."
A: "Yeah. I'm Gayani. You are the new sales manager."
B: "Yes, today is my second day."
A: "What do you think about our company?"
B: "Wow, its the most 'fast paced' sales team I have ever seen. You are using this system, LDS, which is outstanding. I am just not sure if I can catch up with you guys."
A: "Don't worry, you will. We are only 6 months or so with this system and its easy to learn. Yet you need to work on time to avoid red flags."

B: "What are red flags?"
A: "Well, you have to clear your tasks daily or they will be flagged as red. If you have red, you will not be able to perform well and be successful. But its easy if you respond to the system daily."
B: "Wow, it sounds pretty intense."
A: "It is,.. but if you do it, your sales commissions will follow you like a waterfall." 
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