Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's a Free Spoken English Course

Learn Spoken English FREE with MOVIES Before the End of Year 2019!!!

  1. With us, learning spoken English is like playing a game but not following a course.
  2. It's a free online English course.
  3. It teaches you real life spoken English, no classes and no writing.
  4. Just listen and repeat like children do. 
  5. Learn and practice from home and NO traveling is required.
  6. Most of all it's absolutely FREE! 
  7. It is not just for Sri Lanka, but for everyone interested in. 

Start learning Spoken English Today!!!

Above is an example of Semester 2 practice video. Its Free and its Fun!

Learn Spoken English? 

"Learn Spoken English"? It doesn't sound right, does it? Let's say, "Practice Spoken English". 

If you are not native English Speaker, I am sure you have visited few spoken English classes or at least tried few other methods to improve your spoken English. But have you actually improved it? I don't think so.

Where have we made mistakes as far as learning spoken English is concerned?

Let's be simple first. How did we learn our mother tongue in the first place? Had we started grammar lessons from age 2?
I am sure you did't take such lessons. But you had surely followed your parents like parrots. You had surely repeated words and sentences first without even knowing the meaning of them. However, this stupid looking act of us made us NATIVE speakers of that language.
I am sure the grammar knowledge of your mother tongue is still not good, but you are a very fluent speaker of that language.

So, my simple question is, why don't we use the same technique to learn spoken English? We all know that it works for sure as we have already learned a least one language with that method, but why not try it for English?  

That's what LearnEnglish18 is all about. We use that simple method, but in a very structured manner to help you improve your spoken English within 6 months.

Even though, this method was used by all of us to learn our mother tongue, it's generally not used to teach spoken English in traditional class based environment. They still try grammar lessons first and expect students to use them in speech.
However, during recent years, it's becoming increasingly popular even among traditional teachers due to one simple fact. That it WORKS!

So what is this method?
Very simple, you listen and repeat, you repeat at least 30 times with the audio or video clip in the given lesson.
Sometimes it could be somewhat boring and that is why we have used some of your favorite movies in Semester 2.
With these movies, you will listen and practice with 100% real life English and it indeed real life English that you need!

This is an example from Semester 2. This lesson is compiled from the movie "The Matrix (1999)".

Login to Semester 1 today and become a fluent English Speaker in 6 months!