Group Sessions for Companies

Group English Speech Training Sessions for Companies, Colleges and Individuals

"Train your staff to speak world class English and train them to become outstanding presenters/negotiators" 

  1. Service is limited to Melbourne, London and Colombo (Sri Lanka) only.
  2. Both Spoken English and Presentation Skills are trained.
  3. "Acting as a training method".* 
  4. Session duration is 3 hours.
  5. Trained by an M.Sc or PhD qualified coach with over 10 years managerial or national university lecturing experience.
  6. Minimum 4 participants are required.
  7. Minimum 2 days (session) are required.
  8. Venue: Will visit your office or collage.

Session Contents

Session Contents are 3 module of following as selected by the hosted company or college.

  1. English speech training (1 hr)
  2. Confidence building with acting (1 hr)
  3. Presentation skills development (1 hr)
  4. Sales and negotiation skills development (1 hr)
  5. Stress management with meditation and Tai Chi (1 hr)
Fee per 1 Session

For 4 participants
Rs. 20,000
AUD 400
For 5 participants
Rs. 25,000
AUD 450
For 6 to 15 participants
Rs. 30,000
AUD 500
15+ participants
Not productive
Not productive
Not productive

1. English Speech Training or Spoken English (1 hr)

English Speech is not something that can be trained in one hour or even few hours. But in these sessions, We will motivate and guide participants to use Spoken English in their work environment and other day-to-day activities. We will also provide them with everyday activities such as doing presentations to themselves, think in English and practicing LearnEnglish18.

If we are invited for only 2 sessions, we will train one of your senior staff to monitor the progress for next 6 months and take necessary actions to improve if required.

2. Confidence Building with Acting (1 hr)

Acting as a training method is allowing participants to act in given roles in front of the other participants. It is a highly effective method to build one's self confidence thereby opening paths to the development of other skills such as presentation, public speech, sales, negotiations and so on.
We will guide participants to do it at the session as well as at home. We will provide the necessary motivation and guidance at the sessions together with some homework that can be done at home or while driving.

3. Presentation Skills Development (1 hr)

With the success of building confidence and language skills (above 1 and 2), development of presentation skills is not difficult. We will guide the participants on the basic framework and more importantly the way a presentation could be delivered. A good presenter is capable of retaining the audience without even a paper and a pencil in hand. A well known good example is Mr Barack Obama, who speaks flawlessly to a crowd. People like him are very skilled public speakers and they demonstrate the ultimate presentation skills that we should learn.

We will use some of those speeches and allow participants to train to become skilled presenters. We will also provide participants with homework for continuous development.

4. Sales and Negotiation Skills Development (1 hr)

When above 3 points are covered, one would naturally develop the required soft skills for Sales and Negotiations. However, they still need to be knowledgeable, well organized, target oriented, results driven, independent, more importantly skilled to listen and so on to become successful.

We will provide them with that training and guidance.

5. Stress Management With Meditation and Tai Chi (1 hr)

Work stress hinders the performance of individuals and lead to profound health problems as well. Therefore, employers should strongly consider helping their staff to manage stress thereby improving the work efficiency of staff as well as caring for the well-being of them.

We are not experts in meditation or Thi Chi, but we have more than enough knowledge and experience to use them for stress management regardless of work related or personal.
We will train the participants on how to use them on a daily schedule to guaranteed results if practiced properly.